Work with Young People

If you’re on this page because you want to help other young people - read on.

If you need help for yourself call HOPELineUK on 0800 068 41 41 (or send us a text or email - click here for contact details)

Some history …

Young people are working with us to promote positive mental wellbeing in colleges and universities.
We’re about all young people, not just those in education. We want to involve more young people from different backgrounds in what we do.

What we want to achieve …

We want to promote mental wellbeing and encourage young people to understand their feelings and emotional needs and how to deal with them. There’s a lot of stigma around suicide, which we know puts some young people off talking about it and seeking help. So we want to raise awareness that help is available when we feel we can’t cope, when things don’t work out and we’re fed up; that life is not worth living, that nothing’s fair. Check out our Support For You section.

We want to help young people deal with times of change. We know that times of change can be very stressful. For example when you leave home, change schools, move on to uni or college; look for your first job.

Our plans …

So far young people have

• produced leaflets, such as Listen to Me advising parents on how to talk to their children
• advised on other PAPYRUS literature and videos

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We run sessions with young people in a variety of sectors ... not only in education, but also young people who are homeless, or not in employment, education or training. With your support we hope to be able to extend these sessions to reach a lot more young people.

How Young People Are Involved

Young people give us feedback on our messages. They ensure that our material is developmentally appropriate. Young people are often the best pele to support their friends and peers during difficult times. They can be our best ambassadors at PAPYRUS.


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The PAPYRUS presentation on coping with transition includes the song ‘Sunscreen’ by Baz Luhrmann, which is taken from an original essay by columnist Mary Schmich.
It was chosen because it contains advice relating to the time of life when young people are taking stock of the wider world and peering into their future. In line with the messages of the presentation, it encourages them to be their own people, find their own path and prepare for the inevitable ups and downs that face us all, all the while embracing the positive influences around them and rejecting the negative ones.

PAPYRUS and a group of young people from Bolton produced a music video to accompany this song that has been inspiring to so many. We hope it will raise a smile, bring food for thought and perhaps inspire others to undertake similar projects. Why not make your own video to this song?

Take a look on youtube: here

“Our generation should help our generation”

- Jess, 15, secondary school pupil.

“It’s important that young people’s views are taken into consideration, because young people can sometimes be made to feel unimportant.”

- Alex, 18, not in education, employment or training.

How You Can Help

Learn how to help a friend

• Visit our ‘for friends’ page Support for Friends
• Become a better listener, by reading these tips
• Carry one of our helpline business cards
• Save the HOPELineUK number 0800 068 41 41 in your mobile in case one day you or someone you know needs it
• Send off for one of our free booklets Publications

Tell people about us

• Put a link to on your website
• ‘Like’ the PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide page on facebook
• Share our page with your facebook friends
• Follow us on Twitter
• Send off for some HOPELineUK business cards and give them out to your friends
• Put one of our posters up in your school, college or where you work.

Get everyone involved

• Ask your school, college, university or workplace to sponsors us as their charity of the year
• Ask your school, college, university or youth club to invite us to give a presentation

• Set up a mental health and wellbeing group at your university! Download our free 'how-to' guide here.

Fundraise for us

Set up a fundraising group. See our start fundraising page here Fundraising

Join us …

Will you join us to help PAPYRUS grow from strength to strength? Give us a call on 01925 572444 to find out more and how to join. Or email us at