Worried your child is depressed?

A new guide for parents offers free, expert help

Parents worried that their child may be depressed can now find answers in a free guide.

Produced by mental health experts, A Parent’s Guide To Depression aims to answer all the frequently asked questions families ask.

It tackles the challenges parents face including:

  • how to distinguish between natural adolescent mood swings and depression
  • ways to talk about your concerns with your child and help them open up about their feelings
  • where to seek professional and medical advice
  • understanding the therapies and treatments available
  • how to help on a day-to-day basis

The guide is produced by the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust.

Around one in ten young people will experience depression, stress or anxiety by the time they reach 18.

“Parents are usually the first to notice that their child’s behaviour has changed,” said Jackie Williams of the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, who wrote the guide.

“It can be a deeply worrying time, as we know from the many parents who have contacted us in the past.

“Often they feel powerless to help, particularly if their child is shutting themselves off from their family and the wider world.

“But the good news is, there are proven, practical strategies to help your child overcome their depression.”

Written in clear English, the guide was compiled in conjunction with leading mental health practitioners.

It is endorsed by PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide, Samaritans, Student Minds and Young Minds.

Two versions of A Parent’s Guide To Depression are available, both of them free.

The comprehensive online version can be accessed here.

The more concise printed booklet can be ordered from the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust website here.

Or downloaded as a PDF here.