PAPYRUS Press Office

Media contact: Rosemary Vaux

tel: 020 8943 5343

mobile: 07792 72 62 41.


We appreciate the support we receive from journalists and broadcasters to help communicate our message that young suicide may be prevented and vitally, that help is available.

We aim to help you with comment, background information and the experience of our members who have lost young people through suicide.

We comment on

  • topical relevant issues.
  • why young people take their own lives.
  • risk factors.
  • warning signs.
  • what to do if you are worried.
  • help available.
  • reducing stigma.

We encourage responsible reporting of suicide that includes avoiding

  • explicit details of the suicide method and procedure.
  • pictures showing the means, such as railway lines, bridges, tall buildings or cliffs.
  • making the victim appear heroic or a role model.
  • romanticising, glamorising or normalising suicide.
  • highlighting that the suicide was a solution to problems.
  • naming a single cause for suicide. Contributing factors are complex and can include individual risk, current life events and surrounding social situations.
  • endorsing the myths surrounding suicide.
  • excessive, dramatic, sensational reporting.
  • a high profile position: eg front page in press.