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Thousands of people worry about someone who self-harms or the attempted suicide of a young person they know.

Perhaps you are visiting our website because you are worried about yourself or a young person you know. You may be a friend, partner, family member, carer, work colleague or a professional seeking resources and information.

Maybe you know someone who struggled to overcome their suicidal thoughts. Perhaps they overcame it, perhaps not. Whatever your experience, we rely on people like you to help us.

  • Raising awareness of risk factors and warning signs
  • Funding our national helpline HOPELineUK
  • Producing resources for our different target audiences
  • Lobbying for change

There are many ways you can help...

Contributing to Future Policy and National Strategies

One of the most important ways you can help is to tell us what YOU think.

Through the experience and views of our members we increase our knowledge and raise our profile. When contributing to consultation documents we represent these views to those who can make a difference - for example those who really can improve mental health services for young people.

Local and Regional Involvement

Many local areas and regions have some form of suicide prevention forum. These networks of agencies aim to reduce suicide. They may focus on a particular need or issue in a local community or aim to meet the national prevention agenda. PAPYRUS members can participate here to ensure that the PAPYRUS aims of preventing young suicide are voiced, ensuring that the vital contribution made by parents, partners, friends and family is on the agenda. Training and support is available for this representation.

Our opinion is increasingly sought on major research and reviews. These have included:

2012 - preparation of a Welsh version of Help Is At Hand, a resource for those bereaved by suicide

2011-12 - NICE Guidelines on the long-term management of self-harm

2011 - Preventing Suicide in England - a Cross-Government Outcomes Strategy to save lives

2011 - Welsh Assembly Government Advisory Group on Suicide Prevention and Self Harm Reduction

2010 - National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide

2009 - Coroners and Justice Bill

2008 - Byron Report

2008 - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Review

2008 - Suicide Prevention Action Plan for Wales

2006 - Responses and Prevention in Student Suicide (RaPSS) Research

2003 - Suicides and Open Verdicts on the Rail Network (SOVRN)

2002 - National Strategy and Action Plan to Prevent Suicide in Scotland

2002 - National Suicide Prevention Strategy for England

2001 - Making Use of Hindsight Report

Opinion Research

The experience of our members provides vital insight to help us not only plan the future of PAPYRUS, but also to find out what really works to reach young people at risk of suicide and devise campaign messages.

Membership surveys provide a credible reference source of opinion on issues surrounding young suicide. As a member you will have the opportunity to join our survey database and respond to questionnaires on subjects such as Internet safety, media reporting and coroners’ inquests.


We have ambitious plans for the future. We rely heavily on fundraising for a considerable contribution to our sustainability. If you have the will we have many ideas. Whether it is sponsored marathons and fun runs, bike rides, climbing to new heights, concerts, balls, afternoon teas or forming local fundraising groups, our fundraising team will support you.

Help in Kind

You may be able to offer your expertise and skills ‘in kind’. Please contact our head office.

Raising Awareness

You can help to raise awareness not only of the problem of young suicide but - most important - of the help that is available. You could distribute our helpline information, leaflets and resources locally: for example to your local healthcare centres, pharmacies, schools and social services.

Our Commitment to You

We promise to use your contributions effectively to help vulnerable young people and those in their support group.

You will receive free copies of our newsletter reporting PAPYRUS activity, as well as news and opinion of leading academics and other professionals contributing to the advancement of the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

You will also have the opportunity to hear keynote speakers at our Annual Conference and AGM.

Membership Fee

The suggested minimum subscription is just £40 per year (£20 for unwaged; £100 for organisations).