About Us

PAPYRUS was founded in 1997 by Jean Kerr, a mother from Lancashire. She and a small group of parents who had each lost a child to suicide were convinced that that many young suicides are preventable.

We aim to:

  • Reduce Stigma associated with suicide 
  • Increase Awareness of young suicide and how to help prevent it; this involves speaking in schools, colleges and community organisations
  • Provide services (e.g. HOPELineUK; SMS and email advice; Training such as ASIST; online information; professional advice)
  • Campaign as a UK charity to prevent young suicide
  • Listen and Learn - supporting/disseminating research/knowledge 
  • Contribute to local, regional and national suicide prevention strategic action

From its beginnings, people have joined the charity which is now the UK-wide membership organisation dedicated to the prevention of young suicide.

PAPYRUS membership is open to all who share the belief that young suicide is often preventable.

Most of our trustees have been personally touched by young suicide.

  • Stephen Habgood (Chairman)
  • Martyn Piper (Vice Chairman)
  • Eustace De Sousa
  • Don Hart
  • Dr Kirsten Windfuhr
  • Pam Hemingway
  • Dan Naylor
  • Sophie Pickard
  • Annessa Rebair
  • Mark Chambers

Chief Executive: Ged Flynn


  • Rt Hon David Hanson MP
  • Rt Hon David Heathcoat-Amory